With over 60 years of operation backing our company, Meador & Co. continues its growth to continue to offer a level of home and business security that is unmatched by anyone in the state. Along with knowledge and techniques passed down through the generations within the company, we also encourage the continuing of education of our employees. Meador & Co. is owned by Cynthia and Danny Washburn and is located at 606 3rd. St. Vinton, Va.

Unlike other companies whose locksmiths may be working without certification or only with partial certification, our locksmiths have completed their certification prior to working in the field. This is because we feel that for our customers security, locksmiths should complete their certification prior to representing themselves as a security professional.
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Did You Know
Most crimes happen because someone gave a criminal an opportunity to act.
No neighborhood is safe from crime.
Most burglars are never caught and most stolen property is never recovered.
It takes less than two minutes for the average burglar to get into your home, but if you can delay his/her entry for just 3 minutes most burglars will give up and leave.
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Locks are the first line of defense